Breathtaking Hotels to stay in the United States

America, everybody wants to go there, especially young people. And you can´t find a reasonable argument about it. Whether for pleasure, business, partying or The United States of America has some of the best hotels in the world. If you need to move you can call Rental24 and they will handle that.

American Standards.

Offering the best service, high quality facilities, cultural and historical background, and including sharp edge technology in their hotels has always been one of Americans´ priority; after all, they are a reference of hotel infrastructure all around the world. No wonder why youngsters choose America to travel, it offers different options all around the country and they might change a lot depending on the season.

Where to go?

It all will depend about your plans, if you are going to stay only for a weekend or for a month, there are a bunch of different options. Likewise, depending on the season of the year you might find different attractions in each city.

  1. Wynn, Las Vegas.

This is the perfect place for partying. It has a 12 thousand square club with a 90 foot waterfall. Its parties are well know all around the world because the most popular DJ´s have surely played there.

  1. Caesar´s Palace.

Well recognized thanks to the “Hangover” movies, the Caesar´s Palace it´s famous for many reasons. It has this amazing Roman theme that will make you will like an emperor, it has been stayed nice and luxurious for over two decades.

Caesar´s Palace is also a great place for shopping, The Forum Shops is a large shopping mall and it has more than 300 stores in it

  1. Gansevoort Hotel, New York City.

These amazing hotel combines class and style and in amazing modern/ contemporary environment. It´s close to some of the best clubs in New York, so it will only take you a while to get there.

  1. Delano, South Beach.

With a breath-taking architecture, its art-deco design features an incredible pool with personal tents for you to have a romantic evening, a nice dinner and the best wine. Located in Collins Av. You will find what makes Miami the best place for some of the best parties all around the world; so all the clubs are just a walk away.

  1. Four Seasons Hotel, Las Vegas

You wouldn´t believe this hotel is in Vegas. It´s a gaming free sanctuary. It has his own lobby, two of the best restaurants in the area and it´s connected to the Mandala Bay Casino. The views from the rooms are nothing but astonishing.

All these hotels offer the best service, high quality facilities and competent staff for you to enjoy your time while they take care of all the things you need. They all are near the best clubs and the top discos for you to enjoy a wild ride with your friends and then you and go for a nice dinner or a swim in the pool. Likewise, if you need to get a car, you can call Reantal24H and they will find you the best ride.