The Best Romantic Hangout Destinations In Europe

Most of the Europe countries have a lot they can offer if you are looking for romantic places. Most of the states you would need to have a 24hr rental car for quick and efficient movement. It would assist you during your romantic gate away to visit more places. Having a rented car would cut down costs and make your visit cheaper. These destinations have more than one spot you may visit with your spouse.

Best of the romantic regions include:


Venice is an island located in Italy. You can have romantic moments with your partner as you ride small boats along the canals. The smell of the channels is sweet. It has museums which you can visit during your visit. During the evening you can enjoy the view of the streets.


Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands. It boasts of the artistic designs that don the place. There are plenty of canals you will be able to visit during your visit. The experience is romantic, and you will be able to interact with more couples. The view of the city itself is fantastic. You will be able to enjoy the live music in their delightful bars and restaurants.


This is the capital city of France and is famous among newly wedded couples. The town is a beautiful site during the evening. The smell is always enticing. There are beautiful gardens that you can take a stroll during the morning.

You can also explore the palace of Versailles which is a perfect romantic spot. There are a lot of romantic places in Paris both in the city and outside the city. One of the regions you should not miss is the Eiffel Tower.


You can visit the capital of Ireland for a fantastic moment with your loved one. Dublin offers a lot of amazing romantic spots. You may tour the city and enjoy the beautiful buildings. Remember to taste coffee from the various cafes around the streets.

The Dublin Castle, Dublin Zoo and the city’s national park are some of the places you should visit. If you and your partner love whiskey and beer, this is one of the best places to visit. Jameson Distillery and Guinness Storehouse are in Dublin. There various entertainment joints that you may visit and cool off your evening.


This is one of the best and romantic places you can visit in Europe. Berlin is the capital of Germany. Berlin is donned with beautiful gardens like the Moritzplatz. You can visit the museum island and the Monbijou Park. River Spree is a fantastic site to visit where there are a lot of river dances you can enjoy.


Santorini is a city in Greece which is well known for the unique architectural designs. Its an Island located on the southeastern side of the Country. The buildings are donned in blue and white making the view to be amazing. There are a lot of buildings at the top of the steep hill. You can walk along the cobblestone streets and enjoy the view.


All the listed cities will not disappoint you if you choose to visit them with your partner. They have the best romantic spots where you can create good memories together. You can plan earlier to make your visit more fun. You can look for a 24hr rental car which would guarantee that you can move around at any time. It would save you a lot of money you’d pay a tour guide to take you around. All you need is a map to guide you to these particular spots.