TOP 7 High Technology Touristic Inventions to Make Your Day!

Traveling is your special way to escape from the word, annoying duties, boring work, and hot hours. You can leave everything that bothers you at home, except for your iPhone, camera and laptop. High technology traveling is a usual thing nowadays. International vendors make their IT products maximum comfortable and helpful. Nevertheless, your technic needs everyday support. Laptop and telephone is all you need to manage your traveling and situation around. How about renting car at the last moment for a good price in one click from your smartphone? It is impressive, isn’t it? The things go farther with the advent of GPS, biometric valises, and chiplets. What else can you expect?

Lost Lonley Luggage


Have you ever imagined that your case can be easily conducted from your phone? Thus, the magic suitcases from Bluesmart are right for you! Their functions are impressive! Thus, you can open and block your valise with your smartphone. You can also follow it whenever it is, check it inside and weight luggage with your phone only. The price for such a useful invention is about $300.


There are many different apps on your phone. Some of them are for traveling, others for communication or checking weather. There is one interesting app that helps you to make the best souvenir ever. It is called Postagram and this is your chance to create your own personalized postcards and send them to your friends. The procedure is simple. Just pick the best photo from your phone, make a card and put the message on it. You can send a postcard online or print somewhere and send via delivery services.


You can find a laptop case with charging function from different manufacturers. You can charge everything from there, including your laptop, telephone, iPod. If the price of $700 is high for you, you can try to find something cheaper for $200. The cases are water resistant. They help to be always in touch during your journey.

Mobile Edge Netbook Backpack layed flat


Traveling to exotic countries you should be careful about healthy food and water. Of course, bottled water is recommended. SteriPEN company has invented portative UV that is able to clean water from 99,9% of  harmful bacteria. You can clean 1 liter of water for about a minute. The price of it is $70. The device is small in size and that’s why comfortable to carry even in your pocket.


There is nothing to think about. The idea of having a fast real-time translator is as old as the world. What do you use now? The most of the people used to ask for help such world-popular services as Google Translate. But it cannot speak and takes some time to type words and phrases. Just put it in your ear. You can translate from more than 25 languages. You can use your translator with your speakers and earphones. Everything is relative. Try to use and compare! The linguistic background contains a lot of specific phrases, idioms, and expressions that Google translator knows nothing about. What about the price? It’s no more than $60.

Samsung Galaxy S8+ smartphone and Samsung Keyboard Cover


It’s impossible to follow your luggage everywhere. You shouldn’t worry about your suitcase if you have special luggage tracker. Trakdot is able to follow your luggage with the help of special small device inside and innovative app on your phone. There are many sorts of trackers from different manufacturers. They differ with their functions, design, and power. The price starts from $65.



It’s incredible! So-called smart clothes is a new invention for people who like traveling or just live in a hot climate. It is also good for adventurer people who are always on the way to bright impressions and adrenaline. Look around! You can find clothes of different colors and textures. It’s not about design. It’s about in-built cooling function. Are you interested? There is special cloth line Sol Cool that produces clothes with compound xylitol that can boast with cooling properties every time you wear it. It’s very pleasant and cooling. Besides, the T-shirt is also UV protective and high-wicking. You feel comfortable even in a hot weather. What about the price? The price for a women T-shirt made of cooling material is about $60.

Of course, we are not really surprised from the modern IT gadgets and their functions. We can see the magic creations everywhere. Look! The hotels are cleaned by robots. You can see robots even on the reception desk, in the shops, cafes. That’s amazing but the most of these unique and helpful creations are easily conducted with your phone! Smartphones give us access to apps that help you to make your travel life easier. Think about it and try to upload a couple of innovative entries.