Top places to stay in Palermo

It is essential, when you visit any place, to stay in a place that gives you the best for your money and keeps you away from the dangerous areas. These should also accommodate with
you if you have gone ahead with a 24- hour car rental and providing you parking
spaces. Comprising of 25 districts, some of which are spectacular and unique
while others are below average.

Two of the best districts that you can stay in are:


As a tourist, there is no better place for you to stay at. Politeama offers safety, and keeps in
close proximity to the city area. If you want to spend time in the streets of Palermo, you can board a bus that will take you through its timely and reliable routes.

The area is posh and elegant, with a very happening nightlife, filled to the brim with clubs,
restaurants and bars. So here, you can very rarely run into someone who can be
a threat to your safety. The streets are also full of a wide range of bars and
restaurants that offer a you a quiet sport where you can feel enveloped by the
quietness and luxury.

The best hotels we can recommend in Politeama are:

·Palazzo Gallo

·Liberty Suites

If you wish to go all out and spend on a luxury hotel, you can always
turn to the very posh Hotel Wagner.

2. Old Town District

When it comes to culture, Old Town District is richest in the whole of Palemero. It has been conquered numerous times, and has been witness to several crucial eras. Each corner you turn takes you to some ancient civilization or another, that had at some point in history
conquered Palemero.

Among the several benefits of staying in Old Town are the many monuments standing tall here. These are sights that you cannot miss if you have chosen to step foot in Plaermo. The culture that will surround you will immerse you in itself and you will constantly be trying to
absorb the parts of history that will be around you.

There are the cathedral, Quattro CantiiesadellaMartorana,Vucciria Old Marketand many, many more destination waiting to awe you.

The best hotels we can recommend in Old Town District are:

·Hotel Columbia

·Hotel del Centro

But if you would like to spend a little more and spend your time here in the lap of luxury, we would recommend the Grand Hotel Piazza Borsa.

The Bottom Line:

Keep in mind that the people you bring with you have a great influence on how your trip goes. Just because your 24- hours car rental allows you to take a truck, does not mean you
will travel with random people. Our advice is to make it an intimate, fun-filled